Enjoyable and useful!

Hova Najarian

Media and Public Relations Officer, Oregon Zoo

Informative, funny, engaging, useful.

Andy Sloop

Resource Conservatoires and Recycling Manager

Excellent presentation. Of the PIO training I’ve had this is the only exposure I’ve had to the reporter’s point of view. Really good way to develop relationships with local media and EMS/first responders.

Vincenet Aarts

Columbia County Emergency Management Coordinator

Great, concise and factual presentation.

James Macfrlane

Gladstone Police Officer

Great job! I especially appreciated the ‘real life’ examples from the newsroom.

Molly Gilbert

R/West PR

Pat was recommended to me because I was seeking a "coach" to help sharpen my public speaking skills. In a short period of time he instilled in me a sense of confidence that I lacked when speaking to a group. I would highly recommend Pat to anyone looking to improve their presentation and refine their message.

Terri Hobbs

Executive Director, Housecall Providers

Pat Dooris gave a great talk to a group of professionals on how to get your story in the news. I am involved in small entrepreneurial and nonprofit ventures who do not have the budget for professional PR. He provided four clear, actionable steps for us to take in engaging with the press, backed up with stories from his career. As an experienced television journalist, Pat is clearly confident speaking in front of large groups, and he really knows his stuff. After hearing him speak, I feel confident enough to pitch my own stories to the press and would wholeheartedly recommend Pat to anyone looking for a valuable speaker or consultant for media strategy.

Jeffrey Drummond

Principal Engineer, E&S Grounding Solutions

The training was excellent. I appreciated the on-camera training as well as the information about the news day schedule and working with reporters.

Jeff Kleen

Public Policy Advocate, Oregon Food Bank

Fantastic. You could tell sea stories all afternoon!

Paul Slyman

Director Metro Parks and Environmental Services

Great presentation on what it’s like from the other side. I liked the explanations about what the press is looking for in a story, what’s important, what’s not.

Mark Chandler

Performance Manager Washington County 911

Pat was great! Very informative and beneficial to the providers at the Portland Clinic. Thanks Pat!

Ashley Davis

R/west PR

This was a great training! Pat was very helpful and great to have one-on-one feedback from an expert.

Anneliese Koehler

Public Policy Advocate, Oregon Food Bank

Pat provided a seminar for nonprofit industry marketers and their support teams on how to pitch stories to the media, and it was wonderful! Over the three hours, he provided story examples, tips for getting noticed when pitching, and an open forum for practice pitching our own stories. As someone who has worked in marketing and media for over 10 years, I walked away with a handful of new tips for my toolkit and look forward to putting this new info to use while marketing my organization.

If you're looking to further your company's exposure through media, I highly recommend taking one of Pat's seminars. He's professional, approachable, knowledgeable, and fun to learn with!

Macey Snelson

Marketing Manager specializing in Visual Storytelling and Social Media Management

Pat recently spoke to a group of PR professionals assembled at our office, ranging from PR newcomers to seasoned veterans. His insights into the inner workings of broadcast media were incredibly valuable to our staff, especially given the change the industry has experienced during the past decade. His presentation was personable, fresh, funny and packed with nuggets of wisdom from his 24+ years of experience as one of Portland’s leading broadcast reporters. I highly recommend tapping into Pat’s expertise for your next media training or for one-on-one media coaching.

Mike Phillips

Strategic Communication, Public Relations & Crisis Communication