Emmy Award winning journalist, Pat Dooris, helps audiences see behind the media curtain.

His presentations are fun and dynamic, filled with fresh, real world examples. He shares specific tips that are effective and available to use immediately.

Audiences learn how to craft messages, when to pitch stories, how to deal with journalists, how to use social media, and how to put their best self forward in any media setting.

Attendees leave with an understanding of the modern media landscape, the advantages and pitfalls of an ever changing business, and how they and their organization can thrive.

For more than 30 years Pat Dooris perfected his craft of storytelling and reporting as a daily news reporter. Every night he appears on one of the the highest rated news stations in the region.

He’s also a professional member of the National Speaker’s Association and uses his skills to help top business, government and nonprofit leaders improve the way they and their organizations interact with the media.

As a multiple Emmy Award winner, Pat is recognized by his peers for expertise in his field. He's conducted more than 30,000 interviews, 19,000 live reports, and written more than 20,000 stories.

Portland Media Expert Pat Dooris